About Us

Libero are aged care specialists. All Libero therapists have post graduate qualifications, extensive experience in aged care as well as a genuine interest in and commitment to gerontology.

Libero identifies staff as the key to the maintaining its service standards. That’s why we only recruit specialists in aged care (i.e. – therapists who have already demonstrated through actions their commitment to treating the elderly).

Libero aims to operate at lower profit margins than our competitors (by providing greater pay and support to our therapists). The intended result is simple – our therapists are happier and stay at the facility longer, resulting in greater continuity of care for the residents and less stress for the facility.

Libero strives to make a positive, enduring impact upon the community it services. That is why Libero donates a percentage of its profits annually to charity. Current organisations Libero supports include: Arthritis Australia, Florey Neuroscience Institute (University of Melbourne), Indigenous Community Volunteers, Summer Foundation, IFAW, Animals Asia Foundation, Greenfleet, Australian Association for Humane Research Inc and N.A.R.I.